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At Skirted Fleece Mill, we have a lot of respect for farmers and their animals - because we are farmers too.  We understand the love and dedication that it takes to raise healthy animals, to give them the best life possible, and to preserve the land that they live on.  Farming is not an easy way of life, but the rewards far outweigh the hardships. 

Skirted Fleece Mill yarns and roving are crafted from our own sheep, yaks and angora rabbits as well as from fleeces selected from local fiber festivals.  Whenever possible, we try to support small farms like ourselves.  Each fleece is chosen to provide the finest quality yarn or roving for our customers.  Some are left undyed to showcase the natural beauty of the fleece; while others are hand-painted in small, limited edition batches.  We use Greener Shades Dye, which is free from hazardous metals while staying washfast and lightfast. 

Our stock changes frequently, so please stop in to see what we have available.